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Ms. Nona

Nona is a award winning and international belly dancer performer who began her journey studying Middle Eastern belly dance under Jaleh of Puyallup.  In just a few short months, she was an official member of the troupe Raks El Zahira.  Soon after, she was helping out by substitute teaching classes when she was needed.  During her two-year stay with Jaleh and the troupe, Nona participated in performances in many large shows, including Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, Cairo Moon, Powers of Belly Dance Conference, and Rakkasah West, as well as various local street festivals, restaurants, and haflas.  In 2004, Nona competed at the Double Crown Competition as a member of Raks El Zahira and took first place in the Nile (troupe) category.  Nona has also won many competitions both as a soloist, troupe, and duet categories, as well as having the opportunity to dance internationally to include Egypt, Ireland, Athens, Crete, and Mexico.

In 2005, Nona joined up with her best friend and dance partner, Shelley, and they ventured out on their own to create Jeweled Scarab Dance Company (JSDC), which now boasts a talented professional performance group who regularly performs at haflas, restaurants, county fairs, and various venues throughout Washington state. 

Nona currently teaches several belly dance classes at various locations in Spanaway, Tacoma, Graham, and Lakewood, choreographs and performs with JSDC, and was a key factor in producing a belly dance show with Pangia, a live Middle Eastern band on their 3rd CD Release Tour.

Nona continues her studies in dance as often as possible.  She has participated in workshops with such renowned belly dancers as Saqra, Mahasti Abidi, Aziza Nawal, Zeeta, Tahia, Sharon Moore, Nadira, Sana Olwi, Amelia Moore, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Erna Woo, Jim Boz, and Kamaal, and has taken private instruction with John Compton.  She has also studied intensively with Aleedra in Lakewood, WA, Adriene Rice of Ballard, WA, and California's Suhaila Salimpour.


Nona's style of dance is distinct due to her ability to blend a variety of dance styles to create a unique fusion, which is also the style that is the main focus of JSDC.  She enjoys the many positive aspects of belly dance, including the camaraderie between dancers and the fact that the dance allows her to express herself by translating music through movement.  She strives to be the best instructor and performer she can be, while focusing on remaining true to the dance and following her heart.   "When the music moves you, dance with all your heart."