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Creative Movement & Mommy and Me (ages 2-3)

Students learn to move to music, take verbal instruction, experience different moods of music and begin to recognize their physical response to that music.

Combo I & Combo II (ages 4-6)

Students will learn three basic forms of dance. Fifteen minutes each of ballet, jazz and tap. See Director for correct class placement for your student.

Preparatory Class (ages 6-8)

Dancers build a strong foundation within the style of dance they have chosen, with an emphasis on technique and dance terminology.

Full Dance Class (ages 9-adult)
Dancers continue to develop their technique and musicality within their chosen style of dance and often branch out into multiple styles of dance, which could include ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop.


Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. It is a graceful form of dance that takes incredible strength to perform properly. It is theatrical-performed on a stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic design and lighting. It can tell a story or express a thought. It is a beautiful art form and is so fun yet challenging to study. 


Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current form of popular dance. Jazz is a fast paced, high energy style of dance.


Tap dance is a style of dance in which a dancer wears shoes fitted with heel and toe taps. Tap dancing makes audible beats by striking the floor or any hard surface. Tap dance is a fun style of dance and is great for all ages!


Lyrical is a style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics so it requires expression and feeling. Lyrical dance is a beautiful style that is very popular with dancers!

Hip-Hop/Street Dance

Hip-Hop is a unique and exciting style of dance usually performed to hip-hop music. It is a more relaxed style of dance that focuses on body isolations. It is a great class for exercise and plenty of fun!​


Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines classical ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern. The movements are fluid and and creates beautiful pictures in the routine. It is a great form of dance that is becoming more and more popular. 

Acrobatics (ages 5-adult)
Strength and flexibility building along with basic tumbling, advancing to stunting and contortion work. Acrobats grow into well rounded performers. Acrobatics is similar to gymnastics but does not use the equipment that gymnasts use. Acrobatics is done on a mat and focuses on flexibility, balance and grace. Dancers will benefit from this class because of enhanced flexibility and gymnastic movements that they can add into their dance routines.

Belly Dance (ages 13-adult)
Belly dancing is Middle Eastern form of dance that focuses on the hips, abdomen and isolations of the body. The movements are highly detailed and executed with great precision. It is a beautiful style of dance.

Musical Theater

Description coming soon!

Progressive Ballet Technique
Progressive Ballet Technique is an innovative dance conditioning program for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory and the understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. This is a great class for intermediate and advanced dancers!​

Cheerleading is a team activity in which elements of dance and acrobatics are combined with shouted slogans in order to entertain spectators at sporting events. Cheerleading is so much fun and helps with team work and team building!

Yoga is a discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It is great for all ages and ability levels!